"We're All Counting On You, Mike." - Ben D


Over the past decade, Michael Decker has collected thousands of bendable figurines commonly known as bendies, produced for their malleable play. Although they rarely vary in their construction of pliable wire covered in rubber, the figures range from generic animals and characters of pop-culture to the emblemized promotional material as well as sought-after rare collectibles. 'Ben D' is a human-sized figure compiled by Decker from these differing personalities and archetypes. His composite form features a head of hair made from Kushball bendies and Gumbys for toes, a studded belt made of 'Jack In The Box' Jack hats and a leopard-print jacket with contrasting anarchist symbol. His dress seems eerily informed. Leaning languidly against the gallery wall, 'Ben D' evokes a casual, disarming poise, trying to blend in amongst a more rigid human crowd.

Accompanying this figure are three large illustrations showing a hedonistic micro-verse of sensual exploration amongst a multi-perspective landscape. Dwellers of this patchwork environment engage with each other in a variance of congenial and sexual poses, suggesting cooperative marketplace harmony or consensual unbridled orgiastic pleasure. 

In both 'Ben D' and the accompanying illustrations, the sum of the parts are indeed greater than the whole. Decker has made an intricate process of contextualizing relationships amongst bendies and free-form nudists, each a statement of making peace with chaos, complexity, multiplicity, and possibility. Each form's unbridled ecstasy and peaceful context in relationship to each other acts as if to campaign for unity, saying, "We're All Counting On You, Mike."

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